How to Help Your Kids Prevent Colds And Flu

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Make it a ritual

Your kids will do these tasks automatically if you make them do it daily. It will become a ritual so that they will build up that habit without thinking about it.

Hand wash

Hand washing is one of the most important tasks when it comes to preventing cold and flu. You have to wash your hands. Teaching your kids to wash their hands daily is a major plus when it comes to preventing cold. They should do it after restroom usages and after school, or after they touch dirty things all day long.

Don’t put things in their mouth

It’s easy to get a cold if you put dirty things in your mouth. Dirty things could give you a cold. They should not put dirty things in their mouth.

Hand sanitization at home

You should teach them to sanitize their hands at home with a sanitizer. If you don’t have a sanitizer at home, you can tell them to wash it very carefully or long enough to get rid of all germs. You can get these at the dollar store.


You should teach your kids to showers daily to get rid of germs and fungus. You can build up fungus and germs if you don’t shower daily.

Cough into arms

They should cough into arms instead of in their hands so that they don’t get germs all over their hands.

Eat warm food

They should eat warm and good food because cold food could give them illness or food poisoning. Cold food could be filled with growing bacteria.

Teach by examples

You can teach by examples. When you do it, they will also do it.


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