How to Save Time When You Have Children

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Have children help out with chores

You can save a lot of time by letting your children do chores. They will also learn a lot when they do chores and they will get a good habit to build upon. It’s not good to clean up after your kids. They need to clean up after themselves. You will save about three hours per day if they clean up after themselves, including their room, the kitchen, their laundry, or take out the trash. You just have no idea how much they can do for themselves. Look at Justin Bieber, he has millions by age 12, so your kids can do a lot too and don’t under estimate them.


You will save more time if you organize. Organization is a great thing that you can do for yourself. Nothing can be done unless it’s well organized. When you organize, you will see what you can drop and what can be pick up and how you can save time. It’s very important to organize before you head on to your week. You will save so much more time this way.

Have your parents help out

If your parents are retired, they can help you out with your children.

Make a schedule

When you have a schedule, you will save more time and you can make other plans with a schedule.

Follow your schedule

You should follow your schedule to save time and to stay on track.

Discipline your kids

When your kids are disciplined, they will not waste your time with their trivial problems.

One parent does it

If you have one parent as the housewife then let that person does all the housewife stuff and the other person work. When you have it organize or have tasks split up, you will save more time.


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