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What is antivirus protection?

Computers are a very huge part of our lives; most of us can’t even imagine how we are to

live without, as well how we were able to live without it in the past. We use computers for almost everything! We use them to send in our resumes, trade stocks, do online banking, send in reports for business and school, and even socialize – everything is done through the computer and the internet! The problem with using both is that you can potentially get viruses, your email and other things may get hacked, and terrible computer performance. That is why you will be needing antivirus protection to ensure that your computer is safe and sound at all times!

What is antivirus protection?

Antivirus protection software detects viruses, spyware and malware that can harmfully affect your computer. These viruses can slow you computer down, or worse, all your information may be hacked. Hackers usually embed these viruses in popular websites, so when people go to that website, even without clicking on anything, they automatically download the virus without them knowing. Most antivirus protection programs can identify malware and spyware that have been installed on your computer without you knowing. They immediately either remove the virus, or prompt you with what action you would like to take.

What does an antivirus protection program do?


• It searches your whole computer system including disks and drives for potential harmful viruses. Instead of it just focusing on files or certain folders, it thoroughly analyzes the whole system.

• It lets you know how many viruses your computer has.

• It suggests what course of action you should take to get rid of them.

• It warns you of sites that may cause harm to your computer, upon entering the site.

• It keeps track of the threats your computer usually gets, and automatically warns you of them in the future.


Automatic Scanners

Automatic scanners are the ones that check your computer automatically without the user having to click on the “scan now” button. They are usually set to a specific time daily, wherein the program scans the whole computer. This only works when the computer is switched on, of course.

Manual Scanners

Manual scanners are almost the same as automatic scanners, but you will have to manually press the “scan now” button.

Behavior-based Scanners

This is also very useful because the antivirus protection program remembers how the files were contaminated before. If the same process happens again, the program warns the user to get off the site or stop the downloading process, in order for the virus not to spread.

Memory Resident Scanners

This type of scanner is very advisable, as it scans the computer while the user is using it. Everytime the user downloads a file, goes to a potentially harmful website, or watches videos online, the memory resident scanner scans the website, file or application that is run even before the user opens it. This is to prevent the user from opening, or going to a site that may cause harm to the computer.

Though sensibility and common sense would tell you to have various types of antivirus protection programs installed on your computer, this is certainly not the case as it just exposes your computer to more viruses. Choose one and install it today! Also, don’t forget to update the program to keep your computer, as well as your files safe!

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