Monday, December 11

4 Bad Reasons For Getting Breast Implants

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There are countless reasons why women choose to have breast enlargement surgery. However, very few of these reasons are good. Unlike other procedures, like breast reconstruction or breast reduction, the process of breast augmentation does not have any health benefits. Sometimes, the procedure has more risks than benefits. Here are some reasons why women choose this procedure, and why the logic behind each reason is faulty.

Reason Number One: To be more attractive to men.

This is perhaps the worst possible reason to have breast augmentation surgery. If a man’s interest in you depends on the size of your breasts, then you will have attracted the very type of man you deserve. If you are having a hard time attracting men, you might want to consider a better personality as opposed to better breasts.

Reason Number Two: To increase self-esteem.

If the size of your breasts is causing you to suffer from depression and low self-esteem, you are probably better off looking in the Yellow Pages for a good psychiatrist instead of a plastic surgeon. Money does not buy happiness, and breasts to do not buy self-esteem. Save the money you would’ve spent on silicone and put it towards a good therapist and a prescription for Prozac.

Reason Number Three: To further your career.

If you need large breasts to get ahead in your career, you may want to consider a career that does not involve a brass pole. Women who think they need large breasts in order to get ahead in the workplace would be better off trying to augment their resume, education, intellect, and ability…not their bustline.

Reason Number Four: Personal satisfaction.

This may be the most selfish reason to have breast enlargement surgery, but it may also be the best. A person should have the right to do whatever they wish to their own body. However, this goes both ways. You may have the right to do whatever you wish to your body, so long as others have the right to ridicule you for it.

These are the four basic reasons why women choose to have breast enlargement surgery. Every other reason is just a variation on these four basic themes. Although the last reason, personal satisfaction, is the most reasonable, the other three reasons point to a deeper problem that all of the plastic surgery in the word cannot correct: bad taste in men, poor self-esteem, and terrible career choices



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