Why Are Women Self-Conscious About Their Breasts?

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I’ve never known a woman who was content about her breasts. In the eyes of most women, their breasts are either too small, too large, or too asymmetrical. They fear that either one breasts is larger than the other, one is perkier than the other, or that one droops more than the other. Some of these women are so obsessed about their breasts that they even give them names.

This female breast obsession has caused me to wonder many times just why women are so conscious of their breasts. Perhaps it’s because they know that men will be staring at their breasts at some point, so they want to make sure that they are presented properly; right size, right shape, and perfect symmetry. Or maybe they fixate on their breasts because it is one aspect of their lives that, barring surgery, they have no control over. After all, it’s not unusual for the human species to fixate on things that are beyond our control, such as death and aging. Or maybe women fixate on their breasts because their breasts are right in front of them. All they have to do is look down and there they are.

Maybe women fear that men will judge a woman by the size of her breasts, deeming a woman with small breasts as inferior. If this is the case, I can’t help but to wonder if these aren’t also the same type of women who are likely to judge a gentleman by the size of his “appendage”. After all, in theory, a woman who is accepting and happy of her own body will be far less likely to criticize a man because of his.

When it comes to the opinions of men, the truth is that very few males care about the size or shape of female breasts. A typical red-blooded heterosexual male will enjoy looking at any and all breasts: big, little, pointy, droopy, perky, saggy, wrinkled, deformed, and all breasts in between.

Therefore, if there are any women reading this who are afraid of what men will think of their breasts, do yourself a favor and put that fear out of your head. Rest secure in the knowledge that any man who judges a woman by the size of her breasts is not the kind of man you want in your life in the first place.


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