Friday, December 15

Ways to Fight Stress

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1.) Go for long walks in the park.

One of the best stress fighters is going for walks.  A good walk to take is to go to a grassy park so that you don’t but too much of an impact on your legs.  The greenery will help your eyes to rest and it is natural to feel less stress in a park where you are surrounded by plants and birds.

2.) Get plenty of rest.

The importance of getting plenty of rest to fight off stress can not be overstated.  Try to get at least hours of sleep a night.  If not, your body will be fighting off undue stress.  Sleep eases both bodily stress and mental stress.  They both can compound each other.  So be sure to get plenty of rest.

3.) Eat a balanced diet.

It is important to eat a balanced diet.  Superfruits and regular fruits are really good for fighting of stress.  Strawberries and blueberries are especially good for reducing stress.  Kiwis are also good.  You can make a fruit salad or you can blend them up with a couple of bananas and some apple juice to make a fruit smoothie to save time.

4.) Live in a quiet area.

Loud noises contribute to stress.  If you are living in an area with a lot of noise you will begin to feel more stressed.  If you have loud neighbors or there is a lot of traffic outside (being around any kind of traffic can increase stress) then you will notice your stress increasing.  Try to find a quiet, peaceful place to live if possible.

5.) Get a pet or two.

Having a pet or two to talk to, observe and play with can dramatically reduce stress.  Taking them for walks in the park kills two birds with one stone.  Small, petable dogs are really good for fighting stress.

8.) Talk to an old friend or group of friends.

Talking to a group of friends will help you combat stress.  If you don’t have any friends in your neighborhood, you can always give an old friend a call on the telephone.  Try hanging out with friends or talking with a friend on the phone three or four times a week and this will help you to fight stress.


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