Tuesday, December 12

Ways to Fight Fatigue

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1.) Go for Walks

Walks build up endurance and strength.  They are an easy form of exercise.  If you want regularly, as in every day, then your will definitely begin to combat your fatigue.  You definitely won’t be in the mood to fight a fatigue spell by walking initially. But it is crucially important that you get a regular bout of exercise to eliminate tiredness and drowsiness.  It is a good destresser and stress can lead build up your fatigue levels.

2.) Destress

Stress can help to contribute to fatigue in a big way.  You might be in a stressful situation or job.  It can be difficult to eliminate these stressors from your life but sometimes you can change your lifestyle and begin to eliminate causes of stress.  Sometimes leaving a bad relationship can help eliminate stress or switching from a stressful job to a less stressful one can work.  

3.) Drink Orange Juice or Another Sugary Juice

This is a quick pop.  It won’t eliminate your fatigue permanently by any means but it will help.  Juices contribute greatly toward the metabolization of iron which adds oxygen to your bloodstream.  This will decrease your fatigue.  Vitamin C combats free radicals which contribute to stress and fatigue.  Just drink a little bit of juice every day.  Be sure the juice is high in Vitamin C.

4.) Join the Gym

Nobody wants to join the gym.  But if you are overweight then you are probably feeling fatigued.  Lifting weights makes you look better and builds up muscle mass.  Having more muscles reduces your fat because muscles require more energy than fat does.  After three months of going to the gym three times a week you will eliminate ninety percent or more of you fatigue.  You will also live longer.

5.) Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes people suffer fatigue from lack of sleep or lack of restful sleep.  Try to eliminate noisy situations that disturb your sleep.  Sometimes buying a fan and running it all night in your room will create an ambient noise to fade out disturbing background noises that can interrupt a restful night’s sleep.

6.) Resolve Personal Conflicts

Personal conflicts bring you down, create stress and contribute a lot to fatigue.  Perhaps you don’t know why you are fatigued and are involved in some kind of stressful relationship or personal conflict that is actually the cause of your fatigue.  Mental fatigue contributes to physical fatigue.


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