Flyff Elementor Guide And Build

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In this guide I will attempt to try to explain how you can maximize the damage of the magician using elemental resistance combos. I will also cover numerous builds, tips, and other miscellaneous information that will be very helpful to all players playing this character in Flyff. A lot of players continue to complain and tell me all the time that elementors are terrible. You have high damage output spells but unfortunately you have slow casting times. After reading this guide will find all information they need to answer all your questions on the subclass of elementors.

Elemental Resistance Combos

Let’s briefly cover some of the potential damage outputs you can dish out with using elemental resistance combos.

Fire strike is a good skill that will decrease the targets water resistance by 20% for 6 seconds.
Water well and will decrease the targets electric resistance by 20% for 6 seconds.
Lightning shock is another good skill, this will decrease the targets earth resistance by 20% for 6 seconds.

Let’s start by using water well as our example of damage calculation. We will talk be talking about water well plus electric combo. Lets use “W” in place of the damage you inflict to monsters from your water well. And we will use the letter “L” for the damage that your lightning attacks do to the same monster without using the 20% increase from your water well.

W+4*(1.2L) > 5L (note that the 1.2 represents a 20% damage increase)
W+4.8L > 5L
W > 0.2L = (1/5)L

As you can see on the last line, the water well combo will have a higher damage output only if the skill does over 1/5 of the damage of that of your lightning attacks. Basically, if your normal lightning attack inflicts about 5000 damage, your water will damage will have to do more than 1000 damage in order for the combo damage to have the best output.

As a Catch-22. You aren’t often able to execute a field action slot in either PvM or PvP. In essence you only have a 6 second window to unleash these combos. So in theory you will not always inflict the damage you see above. The best thing you can do with this information is test your damage output and see what works for you. Here are some more combos and formulas that you can look over.

1 Water Well followed by 4 lightning attacks vs. 5 lightning attacks:
W > 0.2L = (1/5)L
Water Well must do more than one-fifth the damage of your lightning attack.
Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 —> Water Well must do 1000+ damage

1 Water Well followed by 3 lightning attacks vs. 4 lightning attacks:
W > 0.4L = (2/5)L
Water Well must do more than two-fifths the damage of your lightning attack.
Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 —> Water Well must do 2000+ damage

1 Water Well followed by 2 lightning attacks vs. 3 lightning attacks:
W > 0.6L = (3/5)L
Water Well must do more than three-fifths the damage of your lightning attack.
Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 —> Water Well must do 3000+ damage

1 Water Well followed by 1 lightning attack vs. 2 lightning attacks:
W > 0.8L = (4/5)L
Water Well must do more than four-fifths the damage of your lightning attack.
Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 —> Water Well must do 4000+ damage


Since most players in Flyff solo for their experience, elementors are no different. The best way to gather your monsters is to use wind field. It gives you a great chance of slowing the target so that you can gather more monsters and then later aoe on them. You can also use lightning storm or meteor shower, it’s really up to you but I like to save those for the full aoe and wastes less pots. An ideal partner would be another elementor which I really love to do playing this character since both you guys can work off each other and get the maximum a aoe leading to experience. Make sure you’re working in a circular pattern is if you get too far away from the monsters spawn they will run away and you’ll lose your gather. Here’s a trick that you should be using when you’re killing your gathered monsters there is a thing called position lag from the server which can be alleviated by jumping. I encourage you to be jumping during the whole entire process of gathering and killing as this will reset your position on the server.

Now let’s kill those gathered mobs. It is essential that you keep your wind mastery and water mastery active at all times. .Probably the best way to deal damage to your monsters is to use wind field twice. Then you follow this up with poison cloud. Poison cloud will give you a nice damage overtime effect, and you can pretty much rinse and repeat this procedure. Some monsters will start respawning as you are aoeing, it’s best if you avoid them at all costs as I’ve died numerous times trying to kill both my gather and killing the aggroing spawns. When fighting with a partner make sure they do not cast Winfield near you to aggro monsters.

Stamina Based Builds

50-30 intelligence and put the rest on stamina. This is a good early build that will work for you well in your reach upwards towards level 90, possibly even further than that. This build is usually for those who have lag while grinding and this will help will help keep you alive in most cases. This is probably easiest build that you can start off with and with a ringmaster leveling with you you can progress through the game fairly quickly.

Intelligence Based Builds:

30 to 50 stamina and you can go ahead and put the rest on intelligence. This build is usually for players that have a lot of experience in the game of Flyff. There is a higher chance of you dying while grinding and leveling your character and must have a great reaction speed and smarts to avoid danger. I would recommend having a good healer and food on hand just in case something terrible might happen. This is a great build after level 90 while aoeing becomes slower and you need more damage. With this build you will need to focus on using the wind field strategy. This is called a hit-and-run elementor and most of the players in Flyff use this technique for aoeing.

Full Stamina Build:

You can put 15 stats in intelligence. Then you can put the rest in stamina. These are for players who want to have lower damage but more survivability. These are also the people that lag a lot when they are grinding on monsters. Obviously you have less chance of dying during lag spikes. This build is also really popular for players who like to PVP. I can do about 2000 damage but I can take a lot of hits.

Full Intelligence Aoe Build:

For this build you only allocate 15 stamina, and the rest you’ll put on intelligence. This is an extremely advanced build more players try to accomplish but some fail. This is usually used by high-level players so that they can aoe faster. All you need to do is get one ringmaster do this: we gather about 2 to 4 monsters make sure your ringmaster HC’s them. Your damage plus HC kill monsters really fast, you will just need an exceptional amount of pills and other candies so you can survive hard hits as your healers heal. The most important thing to keep in mind when playing this build is to fully invest in your armor. You must upgrade high defensive suits spend a ton of money or suffer the consequences.


Here’s a quick explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of the elements against each other.

Fire is strong against Wind
Wind is strong against Earth
Earth is strong against Electric
Electric is strong against Water
Water is strong against Fire

Fire is weak against Water
Wind is weak against Fire
Earth is weak against Wind
Electric is weak against Earth
Water is weak against Electric

Hit and Run Elementor:

You’re wondering what this building means right? A hit-and-run build usually is a high intelligence build that uses Winfield to slow down the target for killing. This technique will give the elementor a safe distance to continue slowing and casting spells to target until it dies. I’ll provide some good information that every player who plays this build needs to know. If you are good at kiting you’ll be able to play this character very well. If you don’t get hit by monsters you will not have a need for hit points or defense.

Full intelligence build:

It’s pretty simple, put every point that you receive in the game into intelligence. This will give you some massive damage but you will have to constantly worry about being killed by monsters and other players. Keep in mind that Winfield doesn’t have 100% chance to slow your target our monster to play as if you’re anticipating that your target is not slowed. 40-60 Stamina / xxx Int.

Hybrid stamina and intelligence build:

This is a build that I currently use and gives you good all-around character for the game. You don’t have to worry so much about dying as you have higher stamina and yet still perfected your kiting technique. For leveling you will have alot more stamina and able to collect a lot of monsters without worry of dying. I only really use Winfield after I’ve collected all the mobs and I start AoEing. You won’t have quite the amount of damageof that of the full intelligence build but you’ll have more flexibility and die a whole lot less. 75-80 Stamina / xxx Int.

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