Monday, December 11

Ways of Overcoming Depression

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1.) Eat Fish

Did you know that eating fish can help alleviate depression?  It’s true.  According to Elzabeth Somer’s book, “Eat Your Way to Happiness”.  Just about any kind of ocean-based fish will help.  Eating a can of white tuna will provide plenty of depression-fighting omega-3s.  If you don’t really enjoy eating fish, then you can always buy fish oil pills at the local pharmacy of GNC.

2.) Go for Walks

Getting regular exercise will help alleviate your mood both in the short term and long term.  Going for walks is the simplest form of exercise and it will take about two weeks for you to feel a lot better if you walk for a half hour every day.  Try this out: instead of driving to the store next time, try walking.  If you buy some goods or food, then this will provide even extra exercise on the way home which will contribute to your mood and outlook on life.  Going for walks everyday is a long-term cure for depression so it is probably the best way on the list to really overcome serious depression.  Try walking in the most beautiful neighborhood of your city.

3.) Attend a Social Event or Visit Friends

It is important to connect with other people.  People who are depressed tend to withdraw from society but this can only compound your depression.  If you have some friends, spend some time with them doing some activity that you enjoy.  If you don’t have many friends nearby, then try going to a social function.  Even going to a movie in the theater will put you around people and this will help.

4.) Listen to Lively Music

Music will always affect your mood.  Check out your music collection and look for something lively and upbeat to listen to.  This is somewhat of a short term fix to depression so be sure you do something longer term like eating fish regularly or going for daily walks.

5.) Drink Some Tea

There are many kinds of tea to choose from.  Just drinking a medium-sized cup of hot tea will help your mood.  If that doesn’t work alone, try doing it with a friend.

6.) Get Some Pets

Pets are some of the best ways to avoid depression.  If you don’t have your own pets, perhaps you can visit a friend who does.  Try talking to them and petting them.  If you live alone, it is especially good to have pets.


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