Tips For Quitting Smoking

1.) Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water will flush your body more quickly of toxins.  Drink about four times as much water as you normally do.  This will help your body rid yourself of nicotine and relieve your withdrawal pangs.  Drinking a lot water can eliminate nicotine and toxins three times faster than you will your body normally do.  It will also give you more energy, as nicotine used to.

2.) Realize that the Withdrawal Pains will only Be About Two Weeks

It takes a while for nicotine to leave the body.  During this process you will suffer a lot.  From days three to eight you will feel the worst and will really desire another cigarette.  However, if you realize that you only after two weeks your suffering will stop, it might be easier to quit.  It is certainly difficult the first week, but after that it gets significantly easier.  After two months, you will barely remember that you were a smoker.  After six months, you will almost never feel the desire to smoke.

3.) Use Exercise to Relieve Your Mind and Body

Exercise helps a bit to relieve nicotine pangs.  But only a bit.  But after a week if you walk for two hours a day, you will feel dramatically relieved.

4.) Challenge Another Smoker

Try to find another heavy smoker that is trying to quit.  If you can work together you will have a higher likelihood of succeeding in quitting smoking.  What you need to do is make a deal with the other smoker to quit on the same day and see who can last longer.  You can even place between yourselves a monetary bet so that whoever goes longer without smoking wins a cash prize.  Working together with someone can have dramatic effects on the likelihood that you will eliminate your smoking habit.

5.) Use Chantix

Chantix is a medication that has various effects.  The first is that it prevents nicotine binding to your brain.  This causes a casual, gradual withdrawal.  After about two to three weeks of medication you will be almost completely free of withdrawal pangs and this will help you to quit.  It also modestly increases your serotonin levels, helping to elevate your mood without smoking.  This is probably the easiest way to quit.  Chantix has its side effects and disadvantages, but is suprisingly effective in quitting smoking if you take it according to plan.  You will need a prescription for Chantix and will need to visit a medical doctor.  Please consult a physician before trying Chantix.

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