Tuesday, December 12

Benefits of Power Yoga Exercises

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Even in these hectic times you would have a moment when it stops, passed through the stiff body and refreshes the mind. If you are not interested in the gym bouncing to the beat of modern music, classical yoga feels you too static, perhaps power Yoga discover what you’ve been looking for.

Power yoga draws on the ancient tradition of yoga, but is adapted for the time being so that it can easily be placed in schedules for all fitness centers. Rather than a philosophy, in Power Yoga the relaxation exercises suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. The apparently simple positions are dynamically linked with each other, effectively stretching the body, firm sagging muscles and charged a man with new energy.

Exercise releases and send:

The current lifestyle causes our body many problems – muscles weaken, and shorten the others are overloaded, but without compensation extension. Stiff and sore back, resulting in a distorted position instead of direct character, which may adversely affect the internal organs. The aim of power yoga is to stretch strained spine, improve flexibility and suppleness of joints, remove mental tension, stress. Attention is focused on the center of power, which is located about three fingers below the navel, and upon which the energy of motion. Proper breathing is equally important is, which oxygenates and revitalizes the body.

Safe exercise instructor:

For power yoga exercises you need comfortable clothes and washer. The instructor will demonstrate the correct execution of exercises with breathing. The base consists of a yoga sun salutation, which is supplemented by simpler positions or prepare for positions more difficult. If you are a beginner or if you have problems with the spine, tell your trainer about your problem at the outset. He will show you an easier option exercises and advice on which positions should be avoided, or vice versa will be beneficial for you or for home practice.


Battery life in a certain position requires flexibility and strength; many positions in turn train a sense of balance. Exercise for strengthens and stretches muscles often neglect – the muscles of arms, pelvis, chest, abdomen, back – but they need some time to get in shape. When you exercise, you should not feel any pain, do not go on if you do not release the body. Maybe you can do for the next hour, again a bit more. Feel how your body grows and moves are easier and smoother. Perfect execution position is a great motivator for the next workout. Keep your heart on your body, feel how it speaks to you and how it exercises over the energy flows.

It is advantageous to work out in the morning, it recharge and stimulate a good mood for the day. You can start greeting the rising sun, now in winter you will not even have to get up too early in the morning.


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