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What is a BLOG?

A blog is an alternative name for a weblog. It is an engine that makes easier to write. You don’t have to know any html, php or any other computer language to write your posts. This engine will put the code in to correct places. As in Microsoft Office Word program you will see a bar that provides you design of your content – text alignment, font size, ornamentation (bold, italics, underline), color and more. You just have to write your content. You help others – others help you.

How to write a blog

Actually you don’t write a blog, you write posts to blog. Posts are the content of your blog. Write a blog is a good thing to do. You will share valuable information with readers and readers will write comments. In those comments you may find some alternatives to your posts that will help you improve yourself to a better writer. 

There are certain tips about writing your content:

1. Write your own content. Don’t copy it from anywhere. Readers will see if it is copied or not. Your content should be original and copyrighted only to you.

2. Choose what you are going to write about. There are two ways to do that. One way is to write about things that you are interested in. This way you will gain readers who are interested in to it too. Another way is to look for what people are interested in the most. What information is needed the most. However, you should carefully choose between these ways. Why? Because the first way will gain you less visitors, but you will know exactly what are you writing. Second way will gain you more visitors, but you may not know much about niches that people are interested in and you won’t be able to write many posts.

3. Don’t write very long posts. Your posts should be between 250 and 1000 words. Many bloggers write 2000-word posts. Reading those posts is hard and kind a boring thing to do.

4. Your posts should be exact. Don’t get main idea of the post to split in several ones. One idea at the time (post).

You should carefully decide to start writing a blog or not. Blogging isn’t easy as it looks. It’s like your additional job. You have to write at least 2-3 posts a week as a starter and 5-7 posts when you get used to doing that.

Now let’s discuss about blogging needs. You need a blog platform. You can choose between free blog sites and your own (most likely paid) hosting. There are many blog sites like WORDPRESS, BLOG.COM, BLOGGERand more. They provide you free features like some blogging space, templates, sub-domain and more. You can also upgrade from free membership to premium. More blogging space, better looking templates and etc. Also, as I mentioned before, you can have your own domain name. this gives you an advantage of free will. You can ad links to other sites, put advertisements and more. Those free blog site usually don’t allow to do that.

Make money with your blog

After you started your blog, wrote some posts, you can also try to make some money from it. It’s like getting paid for you job as a writer. To make money from your blog you’ll most likely need your own host because free blog sites don’t allow putting any advertisements. Here is how to start making money from your blog:

1. Google AdSense. It is a advertising program that pays you for your traffic (readers amount). You put some ads (links) given from your AdSense account to your blog. If reader presses it, you get paid. However, you need a good traffic – about 1000 or more visitors a day to make some money.

2. Text link ads. Another alternative to Google AdSense. There are many sites that provide you links that pays off.

3. Other people products advertisement. You can put pictures with links to other people selling products and get commissions (some % of the price).

4. Sell you own products. Best products would be e-books. Write your own e-books and try to sell them on you blog. If you have a good traffic – you will easily sell some copies. This is the most-paid suggestion for making money.

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