Video Marketing Don'ts – 50 Day Video Challenge (Day 23)

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Video is a powerful marketing tool, and can be used to significantly increase your traffic and sales. However, there are some factors that you need, besides great content, to make the most of this advertising medium and effectively brand yourself and your business. In other words, there are some “Do’s and Don’ts.”

There are some basic rules to follow once the content is in place. I always recommend duplicating your content by shooting a video of the same content covered in an article you have written. But if the video doesn’t meet some quality standards, the viewer will be so distracted by the video that he misses the content, and worse yet, he will miss your offer.

Here are some video Do’s:

1. Offer quality content, and duplicate it where possible.
2. Make it personal and be yourself.
3. If shooting a slide presentation like this one, use quality graphics, and background music (if any).
4. Use your own, or at least a live person’s voice.
5. Use a clean and simple background. I prefer using black or white for slide presentations.
5. Make a clear and concise call to action. So easy that a “caveman could do it.”

Here are some video Don’ts:

1. Don’t just pitch your product/service.
2. Don’t use a robotic voice-over…very weird.
3. Avoid being “cheesy” with your graphics, music and pictures. Try to make it all congruent with your message.
4. Don’t use a distracting background, for the obvious reason that it’s distracting!
5. While it was tremendously time efficient, I will not use any “article to video” converter program. I just can’t see putting my name on it…unless it’s to make fun of it and teach a lesson with it, of course!

Follow these basic rules when shooting and editing your videos, and you will maximize your time and effort.


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