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Wedding: Tips for great pictures

The tips for a great wedding are divided into three parts: before the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding.

Before the wedding
Get the photographer to dress appropriately
The guests do their utmost to look their best at your wedding. It would be nice if the photographer were not too much out of place. Of course, the photographer needs to feel comfortable in his or her clothing, because work must be done. However, their public consideration on what to wear is a good thing to have.

Create a clear picture planning
Advance thinking about what you have at least of your wedding in the wedding is very important. Many things are obvious, but it is good to clarify. This gives the photographer a clear framework and avoids disappointments later. Have a first step towards a timetable so you can have all your friends in certain pictures. You must be organized.

Make sure you like the photographer
Perhaps obvious, but still choose a wedding photographer you are comfortable with. A wedding is already one day when all kinds of emotions may play a role. We may become irritated around photographer, so make sure he or she has a friendly smile with a pleasant personality.

Behind the scenes
The official posing photos and pictures of the wedding ceremony is obviously important. However, it is also nice to take pictures of behind the scene. The bride and groom dressing, the guests arriving. Make sure you plan these things in your picture and ask the wedding photographer to take pictures of these things.

Use your location
When you have a nice location chosen for the wedding shots, let the photographer exploit it.. So you use the location as background, but also take pictures of different scenery.

Everyone is photogenic
Not only fashion models have beautiful wedding photographs. Everybody is photogenic. A good photographer will get it done for you in the most beneficial way.. Keep that in mind and enjoy the shoot!

Choose the right moments
During the ceremony, you must be photographed. However, the photographer should capture the moments were there is least tension. Capturing these moments where you relaxed and relieved will deliver beautiful natural images.

Take your time
Take ample time to make your wedding photography. Nothing is worse than you quickly taking some pictures.If you tense because there is not enough time, the photos will also reflect this. You might want a professional master who is great at time management.

Adapt to the weather
Of course, when the weather is bright on your wedding it is great.. However, poor weather can still produce a great wedding photos. Be prepared for all types of weather.

Forget the camera
You are most relaxed when you forget the camera during your wedding. Be yourself and do not think about the photographer with his tools Doing this will give you most natural wedding photos.

Online Ordering
The easiest way to get your wedding pictures is to order them online from the photographer. You can then mail a link to your family and friends and the rest will be arranged for you. Working with negatives is outdated. Discuss this it in time with your photographer.
Buy a good album
Do not compromise on the album. Your wedding is costly and must therefore a strong and beautiful album is best/. The price of such an album, is quickly forgotten, but you can enjoy it for many years.
Use different techniques
Allow the photographer to use different techniques when sticking your photos. There are many possibilities and that pretty decorating your wedding. Check in advance with the photographer if the various possibilities. Perhaps there are also variations in that you do not like. That you had better tune in advance.
Use black and white
Black and white photos are for special moments. By omitting the colour, the emphasis is much more on the moment and emotion lie. A good combination of colour and black and white in your wedding photographs reinforces is a good combination.


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