Tips For Quitting Drinking

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1.) Eat a healthy diet.

Eating a healthy diet is very important to quitting drinking.  If you just eat a healthy diet your mind and body will feel healthy enough to taper and quit your drinking.  Eat a diet rich in greens.  Spinach, cabbage, broccoli, basil, collard greens will all give your body what it needs to overcome an addiction to alcohol.  If you eat these daily, after three or four weeks you will feel a dramatically decreased urge to drink alcohol.  Vitamin C, which you can get plenty of by drinking three glasses of orange juice a day will also decrease your urge to drink after about a month.  If you follow these tips and eat a healthy diet low in oils (fried foods) and processed cheese you will really not want to drink as much.

2.) Get plenty of exercise.

Exercise three or four times a week.  If you drink a lot your body may not be in a condition to run or workout lifting heavy weights at the gym.  However, if you walk five times a week for an hour (about two and a half miles) your body will recuperate dramatically from alcoholism and you won’t need to drink.  It is important to make a commitment however, because doing it half way will lose most of the benefits.

3.) Make some non-drinking friends.

Most drinkers have buddies who drink a lot.  It is kind of important to place quite a bit of distance between yourself and your drinking buddies.  That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate contact with them, it just means it is time to make new friends.  Get about three non-drinking buddies who will hang out with you without drinking alcohol.  This will take you out of the social context that leads to drinking.

4.) Join Alcoholics Anonymous.

There has never been as successful a program to quit drinking as Alcoholic Anonymous.  It has saved millions of drinkers from bouts of drinking.  It is a good way to let of steam and it is nearly ubiquitous.  Furthermore, one advantage is that it is completely free, except for donations from members.  They say that it is best to go to ninety meetings in ninety days, so find a group that meets daily.  They aren’t that hard to find.  If you are a smoker there are plenty of smoking groups.  This is the most proven method to quitting drinking.


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