Tips For Looking Good as a Woman

1.) Lose weight and workout

Let’s face it, you have to be somewhat thin to look reasonably good.  If you are too heavy, you won’t look too good.  Of course, there are ways of shading this by dressing a certain way.  However, dress can only do so much.  You really have to get more exercise.  If you don’t like exercise, then start by walking around the block.  Three hours of exercise a week can work a long way toward losing weight.  Don’t underestimate your physical appearance toward looking as a woman.  Let’s face it, being thin is one of the first things that a man looks for.  Cut down your food intake and avoid fried foods and fast foods.  Even if this means just eating ramen noodles with some cut-up vegetables, it will be well worth the payout.

2.) Have a winning personality

If your appearance isn’t all that attractive, you can always shield it with a good personality.  Having a winning personality goes a long way toward covering up an unattractive appearance.  Men won’t pay as much attention to your appearance if you are a good talker.  Having good looks and a good personality will really create a dynamic appearance.

3.) Dress well

Women need to dress femininely.  Dressing well will help you look good as a woman.  You need to buy clothes that fit your body well.  Try to match colors well.  Dress is one of the first things that a man notices about a woman.  You might need to go a little out of budget for this.  But dressing well has its dividends.

4.) Be well-groomed

Being well-groomed is a succesful secret toward looking good as a woman.  This means you need to bathe, file down your nails, and keep your hair long.  Long hair really makes woman look more attractive.  Being well-groomed is a secret toward looking better because not every woman is.  Make sure your hair looks shiny and long.

5.) Carry your posture well

Having a good posture helps you to carry yourself better.  It may not come natural to yourself, but try to keep your shoulders square.  Pick up your chin and look at men in the eye.  This will all help you to carry your posture well.  It may make you a little tired to follow this advice, but if you are a natural slumper that won’t matter so much if you can keep your chin slightly up.  Be careful not to overdue it, because then you can look a little haughty.

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