Sunday, December 17

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

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Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include among others include:
1. Impaired memory and thinking
Patients with Alzheimer’s will usually have difficulty remembering new information, long-term memory disappears and can not remember personal information such as: place of birth date, occupation and names of family members.
2. Confusion.
Alzheimer’s sufferers often experience confusion. Confusion is for example: getting lost when out of the house alone and often can not remember where he could get somewhere.
3. Forgot your place to store something
4. Can not think asbstrak.
People with Alzheimer’s often can not complete the task and duty of the home office because he could not think asbstrak.
5. Difficulty doing daily habits such as: eating, bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, washing hands and others.
6. Changes in personality and behavior such as: irritability, irritable, restless, quiet, confused and frightened.
7. Often leave the house at night
8. Difficulty doing everyday activities
9. Can not do simple jobs
10. Speech and language difficulties
11. Disorientation of time
12. Disorientation place
13. Disorientation people
14. Changes in emotion and behavior.
15. Outs.
16. Can not follow instructions.
17. Language and communication disorders for example: can not remember the words, remembering the names of objects and understand the meaning of the word.
18. Loss of motivation
19. Loss of normal sleep patterns.
20. Memory loss.


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