Wednesday, December 13

Things to Do on a Sunday

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1.) New York Times Crossword Puzzle

The New York Time Crossword Puzzle comes out every Sunday.  You can pick up a copy of the Times at the local bookstore chain.  This is not for the feint of heart.  You have to be very well read to ever complete one.

2.) Walk the Dog

Dogs love to be walked and this can be a relaxing activity to perform on a Sunday.  Take them to the local park if you really want to go wild.

3.) Go to the Public Library

Most libraries are open on Sunday in the afternoon.  This can be a good time to spend a few hours looking for books or films.  You can also check out music.

4.) Go for a Jog

Every time you jog your body will relax.  You only need to spend fifteen minutes jogging to get health benefits.  It’s also a good way to check out what’s going on around the neighborhood.

5.) Visit Your Relatives

If you live near relatives, Sundays can be a good day to prepare a visit or common activity.

6.) Prepare a Big Dinner

Sundays provide plenty of extra time to go to the supermarket and buy food and then spend time preparing it.  It is also a good day to try out good recipes because you can always hit restaurant if they don’t work out as planned.  If you don’t know any recipes then check out an internet search for whatever suits your fancy.

7.) Go to Church

Almost all churches have services on Sunday.  If you are bored, you might want to look up a local church on the internet or in the phone book and plan a visit.

8.) Mow the Lawn or Shovel the Snow

Your lawn or driveway might need some work.  Spend a few hours in the morning taking care of business and then you can relax for the rest of the day.

9.) Do the Laundry

If you’re hitting your job on Monday then you probably need to get rid of that dirty pile of laundry in the corner.  You will feel better having your clothes ready for the week.

10.) Take a Nap

What better day of the week to take advantage of your spare time to take a nice, peaceful, and relaxing nap.  This is a good way to catch up on sleep and get you well-rested for the work week.


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