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Buy In Brighton A City Of Little Villages.

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The remake of Brighton Rock is going to hit our screens again soon and so this pushes Brighton back into the spotlight once again.  Brighton has a lot of charm and people have been visiting the south east coast city for centuries.  However many people decide to stay in Brighton after having visited there.  The Georgian terraces and the pier make it seem like an ideal place to live.  The Lanes with the antique shops and seaside living make it one of the property hotspots in the UK.

Brighton is combined as a city with Hove but they are quite separate in terms of appeal to different people.  Brighton seems to have that younger vibe to it than Hove, although Hove is a fantastic place to live too.  You are by the sea whichever you live in.  However Brighton, like London and Cambridge, seems to be recession proof in terms of house prices.  Yes house prices have dropped, but they have only dropped about 5-10% over the past few years.  This is nothing compared to some parts of the country.  Brighton relies on the “grey pound”, the pensioners, to keep its housing market booming.  Retirement complexes are abundant in places such as Kemp Town but also in the city centre.  However due to the lack of quality developments in the area, prices will continue to rise because of the demand.

Currently the conservation area of North Laine is a property hotspot but the city centre will always remain popular also.  North Laine is situated just a few minutes’ walk from the train station and has lots of bars, restaurants and individual shops which appeals to many.  Also for those without cars the rea of West Hill and Seven Dials proves to be popular. 

Into the suburbs Preston Park, Withdean, Patcham, Rottingdean and Saltdean seem to attract families due to the larger houses there.  However buying property in Brighton is not cheap; two bedroom flats can start at £200,000 whilst a four bedroom house starts at about £425,000.  This in only an average, there are many other properties in Brighton which are a lot more expensive.

Important Factors:

·Pick Your Favourite Village:-  Brighton is made up of lots of little villages within the city.  Decide which one you like best and then look for houses in that particular village.

·Want a seaview, then buy further up the hill as you will be elevated and have abtter view of the sea as well as being away from the sea winds.

·Brighton operates the controversial lottery based system in regards to catchment areas for schools, be aware of this when looking for property.

·Because Brighton is a fashionable city you are not the onlt person house hunting there are lots of others too.  So be quick off the mark.

·Sea winds cause havoc with the outside of your house so be prepared to paint it twice a year if you live near the front.

·Consider living in Hove, just a mile outside of Brighton where you can get some of the best value in terms of property.


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