Review of The Doubletree Downtown, Omaha, Nebraska

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The Doubletree has one of the best locations in Omaha.  It is located in the heart of downtown.  Right across from Omaha’s tallest skyscraper, it provides excellent access to Omaha’s business district.  It is also about a ten minute to Omaha’s Old Market District where you can access a lively nightlife.  This is the heart of Omaha’s bar scene and is a good place to mix and meet new people.  It is also about a fifteen minute drive from the airport.


This hotel is definitely overpriced for the room size and furnishings.  They charge for everything.  The Prime Rib buffet is almost $20 as of 2010.  They don’t provide free breakfast unless you are on a Rewards program.  They also don’t reveal this to you!  Beers in the lounge or reasonable.  Wi-fi internet is $10 a night in your room or you can access free Wi-fi internet in the lobby but they have very few plug-ins and they can be hard to access.


The rooms are a decent size, but for the price (as of 2010 $176 per night, including taxes), they are not really worth it.  The art is all prints, the carpet is average.  The beds are very comfortable however.  There are about 30 channels on the television.  The rooms do provide a good view of Omaha.

Swimming pool

There is a swimming pool on the forth floor.  However, it is visible from the elevators, leading to a lack of privacy.


The restaurant has good food.  The steak sandwich ($14) provides a real Omaha steak and is an excellent choice.  Service is good.  


There is a lounge off of the lobby.  It has a few televisions and reasonably comfortable and nice decorations.  The servers are nice.

Game Room

In the basement there is a game room with video games, pool and pinball.  It also has vending machines.

Convenience Store

To the left of the front desk, there is a convenience store that offers prices even higher than the already over-priced vending machines.  It has some headache medication and cigarettes (which are also over-priced).  There is also a convenience store three blocks away which offers lower prices and a small supermarket about five blocks away.


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