Review of Posada Suiza, Merida, Venezuela

If you are looking for affordable, comfortable accomodations in Merida, Venezuela, then look no further than the Posada Suiza.  It is located near the center of the city and well within walking distance of nightlife and restaurants.  

The posada (“posada” just means a family run hotel, often times located in a house) also offers tours to various areas around the state of Merida as well as the state of Barinas (it has a sister posada in Barinas).  The tours are run by bilingual tour guides that are quite friendly.  They are reasonably priced and offer everything from mountain excursions, to horseback riding, to parachute jumping off of a mountain side.

The owner’s name is Ricardo and he is trilingual in Spanish, English and German.  He lives in the posada with his family and is quite jovial and willing to spend time with his guests.  He is definitely one of the advantages of staying at the Posada Suiza.

The posada is located in a colonial home with an open courtyard.  The courtyard is a good area for smokers when it isn’t raining.  (It rains a lot in Merida).  It offers about a dozen rooms and has the propensity to fill up, so you might need to make a reservation.  It also offers a kitchen.  As long as you keep the kitchen cleaned up, Ricardo will let you use it at will.  There is also an open-air deck on the second floor and it is a good place to hang out and make new friends.  It is ok to take beers up there and drink them with a beautiful view of the mountains.  

The guests hail generally from Germany, America, England and other parts of Europe as well as having Venezuelans from other parts of the country.  Most of the guests are open to meeting socially and will surely join you for a night on the town.  There are several discos and bars within walking distance.

Rooms range from singles to holding six persons.  For the most part, they don’t have televisions but there is a television in the breakfast area.  Speaking of breakfast, for a small extra fee you can get served a homecooked breakfast.  There is also laundry service that will be performed for a small fee.

Over all the Posada Suiza is one of the best accomodations that you can find in Venezuela.  I stayed there for three months and found it a good value as well as a good time.

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