Thursday, December 14

Keep Your Dog Safe When You Travel

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 Learning to travel long distances with your dog in any vehicle would have to begin with knowing your pooch’s limits and training, and not expecting your pet to behave as well or listen as they do at your home. Travel is sometimes harder to deal with when your dog accompnies you for the trip. Learn how to keep your dog safe when you travel.

You must keep your dog tied up at all times, despite their excellent training, in order to keep them safe from harm. Keep them nearby. This will limit their continually running after every smell, and from chasing anything that might move.

Dogs love to travel while sticking their heads out the car window. One of the most common problems that occur for dogs on long journeys is to be injured by a bug or flying debris while they hang their head out the vehicle window to enjoy the fresh air.

Who would ever think of seatbelts for the dog? Yes, they should be in seat belts just like you, I, or our family members.

Make sure that you pack ample amounts of food for your dog, including enough water to last the first full day of travel, until you are able to procure more water.

Dog tattoos will make it much easier for a complete stranger to return your friend and buddy back to your warm family’s embrace if by chance they should get lost along the way. Dog tags with a current phone number and address etched on them, plus a current dog license, or microchip are all handy tools to assure the return of your favorite canine.

Should you and your family stop for a picnic or other reason, always make sure your dog is tied securely to a solid tree, to the car, or to one of those dog tethers which easily screws into the ground.

Never, never, never, leave your dog alone in your vehicle. You would not do this to a human child. Never do this to a beloved pet.

Always, continue loving your dogs by showing them lot of affection. Do not get mad with them when they misbehave or make a terrible. On the road it is easy for them to get confused and even easier for our tempers to flair.

Following common sense, and adhering to some handy tips when making a long distance journey by car, will help to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy. It will ensure that they, and you, return home the better from your long drive.


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