Don’t We All Love To Flatter Our Figure in Swimwear

Rather than getting worried about your body shape and wishing that it was different you can work with your body to highlight the positives and underplay the negatives by following these swimwear tips.

Swimwear Tops: It is not possible to go wrong when you pick a halter top as halters look good on all women from AA cup to DD cup and they also offer excellent support or even some little lift if required. If you need additional support for bigger cup sizes it is good to try a halter top which has a broad band at the base. If you have cup size B or less you can wear triangle tops. In case you have a bigger cup size and like to wear a triangle top, it is good to get a design which has an underwire. Women who have a bigger cup size may find the breasts to peep out from the bottom of the swimwear if you wear a triangle top if it does not have an underwire. A bra style top with an underwire is bet suitable for women who have narrow shoulders with large cup sizes. 

Swimwear Bottoms: You can get bottoms with side tie which can be chunky or string as you will be able to adjust the ties in a way that they don’t hurt your sides. If you wear Brazilian-cut bottoms they can make your backs a little smaller but you need to be careful as they cab ride up quite easily. If you are getting boy shorts to cover up some part they will in fact highlight what you want to cover. It is better to get a skirted bottoms compared to the boy short. They come with bikini bottoms designed inside which is covered by a skirt. It will cover the upper thigh if you are trying to conceal them with the shorts. 

One Piece Swimwear: It is best to go for solid colors if you want to wear one piece swimwear. In case you like a printed one piece swimwear get designs which are in the center or middle part of your body more flattering. Wrap one piece is the best swimwear you can buy. It is similar to a shirt or a wrap dress and creates a lovely waistline for everyone.

You can always use a simple sarong if you want to cover-up, as that never goes wrong.

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