Five Tips to Fight Back Acne

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There are many effective ways by which you can get rid of back acne. Back acne is a condition that is very similar to the acne that occurs on the face and other parts of the body. Some of the factors that cause acne in general are oil glands that are overactive, increase in bacteria that causes acne in the body, excessive amounts of dead skin. 

Bacne is the term that is given to any form of acne caused on the back. Bacne can appear in the form of blackheads, pimples and in more harsh forms as acne cysts. It is most common to occur during puberty both, among girls and boys.  That said, onset of bacne can start at any age and is not restricted to girls and boys going through puberty. 

However, there are many effective ways to get rid of bacne. Following are the ten most advisable and simplest ways to cure bacne.

1) Try to wear clothes that allow ventilation. Further, try to put some powder on the area to give a cooling effect. The choice of clothes plays a vital role in curbing acne. If you have perspired excessively, change your garments. Otherwise, the acne can increase.

2) After any form of physical activity, ensure that you take a shower to clean yourself. In the event that you can’t take a shower, use a soft fabric towel like cotton to wipe off the sweat. 

3) After you have a shower, make sure that you pat dry yourself gently. Completely avoid rubbing the towel vigorously. If you do, it can cause irritation to your skin and lead to skin inflammation on the bacne.

4) You should avoid using back packs till such time that the bacne has completely recovered. Back packs have the tendency of causing the back to get heated up which inturn causes your back to perspire. Remember, any amount of perspiration is sufficient to act as breeding grounds for the types of bacteria that cause acne. 

5) If your bacne is still in initial stages, you can try using facial cleansers that are anti-bacterial. Moreover, you can find several anti- bacterial/ acne soaps that you can use while you have a shower. It is also advisable that you stop using the regular soaps as they may be ineffective to fight off the bacteria that cause acne.  

So, there you have it. With these five simple tips, you will be able to fight back acne.  


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