Monday, December 18

The Essential Aspects of a Conflict

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Conflicts in organizations are usually regarded as disfunctional. Instead, many business leaders to see conflict as a way to properly analyze a problem and makes the decision to move all the essential aspects of a problem can be properly assessed. Conflicts can occur in individuals, between individuals, between the individual and the group or between groups. There are many possible sources of conflict in organizations today’s society. The complex between personal relationships and a high degree of friction by interdependence.

If people have to work together, conflict is inevitable, because it is human nature to argue and complain. The conflicts are personal differences between the interests of groups or individuals. The need to share scarce resources, differences in goals between organizational units, differences in values, attitudes and perception are clearly defined responsibilities at work some of the major sources of conflict.

functional conflict with the goals of a group, improving its performance and design in nature. dysfunctional conflicts hinder the performance of a group and are destructive. It is not precisely defined, a criterion that defines the function of a disturbance. Only the development of the group and provided results or results that determined the nature of the conflict. Conflicts, whatever their nature, they can benefit from:

    * Apply to the surface hidden problems.
    * Promote creativity and innovation.
    * Improve communication and make changes more palatable.
    * Increases cohesion of the group.

So what do you think the best strategy to resolve conflicts? Avoid conflicts or smoothing can be a temporary measure to be rebound at full strength. Force could cause side effects. The only remaining possibility is that the situation head-to-face to identify the warring parties and to place the problem of IT by an open discussion.

Managers must be alert to the presence of conflicts. Your goal should focus on goals. If there is a conflict, they should strive for flexibility in the solution is not too hard to respond to the situation. You for the person who can best help solve the matter, is not prepared to negotiate and enter orders. Their concentration is placed on the problem and not personalities.

By structural changes, conflicts can be managed. The goals of a group are processed and then integrated to fit the target. Changes in the structure of the organization, which is jobs responsible for clarification of the authority relationship, improving the work environment, the atmosphere and help to resolve conflicts. For example, in one study, the loss of machines, the communication between the parties to the conflict to prevent the interaction between them.

The lack of good communication, clashes between the egos of people in positions of authority and personnel, an autocratic leadership style as different educational qualifications, lack of coordination between the nodes all rich sources of the conflict. This can be solved with the right kind of attitude and approach an open mind to the end of the management.


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