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Buy a Bicycle – Choosing The Right One

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            Making the right decision about a purchase may save you a lot of money. As we all know there are two basic types of bikes male and female. Men’s bicycles have a crossbar that is positioned vertically and it is the upper part of the frame. Women’s bicycles on other hand have a crossbar that is slanted downwards on their frame. Choosing the right bicycle may not be that easy task as most people think.

            A good start will be defining the goal of your cycling. What are the requirements and the needs to accomplish these goals? Different ways of cycling require different type of bikes and different bikes are made of different type of materials and features. Do you know all the types of cycling there are and did you find the one that best suits you? There are three main types:

            Mountain bike – that is a bicycle with multiple speeds and reinforced construction. The presence of speeds is obligatory because you will need them to get over steep slopes. Characteristics are tires with deep grapple, ensuring better grip off-road as well as solid brakes (more often disk brakes). According to modern standards, mountain bikes are used mostly for doing sport activities – ascent or descent off-road, mountain passages and so on.

            City bikes – they are the most popular. This type of bicycles include all bicycles that are made for cycling in the park, going to work or just cycling at populated places. They are equipped with tires suitable for movement on asphalt, often with lights, stop and even luggage-carrier. Speeds are not obligatory but more and more are present, and some of them have a built in version (integrated in hub).Very often city bike is been called “mountain”, if it possesses one of the marks (shock absorbers, solid frame or something else).

            BMX (from English – bicycle motocross) – is a bicycle with small (20”) rim, without speeds. Often it has a device (footrests) called peg. They have been used for acrobatic performances on flat terrain or U-shaped ramp. It is used more often for freestyle cycling which means – tricks.

            The best thing about mountain bikes is that a normal person using the right bicycle and some features (like helmet, pump, pentagrams, a spare tire) may calmly take on a unforgettable journey. You don’t need lifts, tickets, turbulent water or any other special conditions. You may cycle a bike in rain, in heat, on a leveled alley and on a rocky pathway, and even right through the open country. The one thing that for sure you can say for the mountain bike is that every off-road place has the perfect conditions for cycling – you only need to escape the noisy and filled with smoke city streets.

The Danes have an interesting word for buy a bicycle and it is Køb ny cykel, so if you want to buy the perfect bicycle for you, you should visit this website. Although it is in Danish, you shouldn’t let that stop you. Just use Google Translator. More tips for buying a bicycle you can get here.


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