Monday, December 18

The Guide to Eliminate Nosey People (The Three Question Limit)

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Don’t you ever get tired of people getting into your conversations and business? You know those people that ask more than what they were supposed to ask. It can get annoying and very frustrating. Well this can actually be eliminated by my ‘Guide to Eliminate Nosey People’. This guide will enforce the soon to be infamous ‘Three Question Limit’. When I say that, this means that the person you are talking to will be given three questions to ask before they’ve stepped over their boundaries. But it’s not just any questions. These are the following questions that certain people should ask before they are labeled as a ‘Nosey Person’, (How are you doing? How’s the family? Everything’s alright?) You can replace some of them with (Do you have the time? or How are thing with you?). Anything past three questions, you’re labeled as being nosey and you have the right to put that look up on your face or you can say things like ‘Mind you business’ or ‘I have to go, you take care now.’ Or just simply walk away. This guide will 100% guarantee you to eliminate those who have been plaguing this world for centuries. I hope that this guide have helped you in anyway so that we can help others that don’t get the picture finally get it.

P.S., this is only for those who you don’t want to know your business. This is not for everyone so use the ‘Three Question Limit’ with caution. Side effects may include, Anger, Sadness, Feelings Hurting, Heartbroken.


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