Having Caries – What You Should Know About it

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            Caries is the most spread dental disease from which 98 percent of the people around the world are suffering. It does not matter if you are a little child or a grown man. It doesn’t even matter if you have milk teeth or permanent.

            The biggest mistake is that people often forget to brush their teeth or just do not keep a good oral hygiene. Another thing is that people do not arrange checks at the dentist to examine their mouth to see if there is any problem that should be taken care of because the lack of interest in the oral hygiene could grow into something more serious.

            There is no need to hide the consequences if you do not treat your caries – pain, damaging the tooth, swelling of the cheek, infection that could reach to your chests, ears or even the brain. But do you have to go through all of this for only one caries?

            What do you have to know if you have caries? First – do not worry because almost every human was confronted with this problem in life. It is from great importance to discover the caries on time and arrange a check at your dentist to appoint you a treatment. The good thing is that even in starting stage the symptoms of caries are visible. It depends on you which stage of development you will reach until you look for help from the dentist.

            When caries is found in the early stages before demineralizing the whole thickness of the enamel in most of the cases the treatment ends with a cleaning of the enamel with a special toothbrush and toothpaste, with covering lacquer or sealants and instructions for proper nutrition and diet. At this stage, the usage of mechanical intervention is not needed and during the treatment there is no pain. The need of anesthesia is not needed too. But if the stage is in more advanced period and the dental layer is impaired the tooth must be cleaned and stopping must be mounted onto the cleaned tooth.

            The cleaning of caries in more advanced stage happens with the help of a high-speed dental drilling machine, which uses different kinds of head plugins. The whole procedure lasts from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the developing stage of the caries. If the tooth is not cleaned completely and a stopping is not mounted the development of caries will continue and will lead to a total destruction of the tooth.

            Of course it is cheaper and more effective when the caries is in earlier stage of development. In advanced stage depending on the type of stopping needed the sum will increase.

            You can prevent tooth decay as you create proper hygiene habits from a very early age. Maintain optimum hygiene by brushing and cleaning with dental threads after eating. Prophylactically at least once a year visit the dentist and do not forget to eat healthy and keep stress to a minimum.

The word for risk of caries in Danish is Risiko for karies. If you want to get even more information about it and learn how you can protect yourself, visit this Danish website which you can translate using Google Translator. Read more about dental caries here.


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