Five Tips For Reconstructing Your House

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We have just carried out a reconstruction on our family home. We have been living here with our family for over thirteen years now. We bought the house when we first married and completely decorated it soon after we moved in, as it was so old fashioned. We took our time decorating the home as time and money was an issue back then. Now our home desperately needed modernisation and I was keen to make all the structural changes that we did not do when moved in. We have the time and the finances now that we did not have available to us before. In addition, our children are older and there is less stress involved now.

I must say we did not rush the reconstruction, and I really think that this is important! We really took the time as we wanted to make sure that it was the best job. Here are some tips that we feel are really important when reconstructing your home.

It is important to find yourself a reputable architect. You will have your own vision of how you want your home to look but an architect will really help to expand and create your vision.

You really have to make sure that you find yourself a reputable builder. There are so many “cowboy” builders out there, don’t let yourself be fooled and “ripped off” by them. Make sure that your builder has all the necessary accreditations. It is better the job to take a little longer and be finished off to a high standard than to be rushed and the quality of work to be poor.

It really is important to look around for good quotes when it comes to the other tradesmen that you employ as well. Get a good selection of quotes from a plumber, electrician, carpenter, window fitter etc. Your builder will be able to put you in touch with all these people, but I strongly advise that you get extra quotes to save yourself money wherever possible – nobody wants to pay over the odds.

We used an interior designer to finish off our house reconstruction. I really felt this was a good choice for us and good value for money. It did stretch the budget a little but the finished job really made a difference to the reconstruction, it was perfect. If you don’t have the money then I really advise that you shop around for the furnishings and accessories. There are so many different stores you can go to now, and there is so much choice out there.

One very important tip, which I actually learnt from our interior designer, is to style your house so that the decoration will last. All you need after spending a lot of money on reconstructing your home is to find you need to re-decorate a few years down the line. Keep it modern but have some classic choices in there as well so that you can keep it in style.

The word for a cheap reconstruction in Danish is Billig ombygning and if you want to know how doing that is possible you should visit this website. Although it is in Danish, Google Translator can help you understand it better. If you need tips about constructing your house, read this article.


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