Thursday, December 14

The Good Sides of City Breaks

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My husband and I have been taking city breaks for many years now. It started when we visited New York for a Christmas shopping trip twelve years ago. We fell in love with the city and it made us curious to know what other cities in the world we like. We decided to visit a different city every year. We often go on more than one city break a year, because we enjoy them so much. Sometimes we visit places more than once, especially if we have missed anything, because we never go for more than three nights at a time. That is one good side about city breaks – you can make them short trips but still get the thrill of a holiday.

We have visited many different cities from Barcelona, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Prague, London, Edinburgh, Berlin and many more. Another great thing about taking city breaks is you don’t even have to leave your own country to visit interesting cities, this means you save money on transport. We live in the UK so we have great cities to visit such as London, Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

The good side about taking city breaks is you get to see so much culture, so many different people from all walks of life live in cities. There are hundreds of different types of food and drinks to try. Every city in the world has something different and unique to offer.

My husband and I always take a city break around the Christmas period as we like to do our Christmas shopping somewhere different every year, our kids love this too as they get great gifts! I know that cities have the same big chain stores everywhere, but there are always quirky little shops offering different and unique gifts that you wouldn’t find in your home towns. I love to find something special and visiting different cities offers me this chance. Last Christmas we did our shopping in Dublin, we had a fantastic time. Dublin had some lovely historical building that were mixed in around the main shopping area. I love to see how different cities decorate and celebrate Christmas, seeing the lights, hearing the music and seeing people out shopping really makes me happy and gets me in the Christmas spirit.

I really think it is fantastic to see how different nationalities live; you really get to witness this when you do a city break as you get to see people living their everyday lives, not just making their living from tourists that you see when you do a beach resort holiday.

Another great side about taking city breaks is seeing all the history, amazing architecture and art. I think Barcelona great for this.

I love to take my yearly beach resort holidays as I love to relax and work on my sun tan for a week or two, but I love the adrenalin that you get from taking a city break.

The word for a city break in Danish is Afbudsrejser storbyferie and if you would really like to go on one you can book it here. The website is in Danish but you can use Google Translator in case you don’t understand it. To read more about city breaks, check out this article.


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