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Stair Lift Pricing Depends on Various Factors

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A stair lift is an important device, especially when people are handicapped. Handicapped people may use a stair lift without any assistance and it gives them the freedom of movement and independency. It gives you a comfortable ride, where you can go up and down the staircase without any hassle.

Generally a stair lift is an expensive device. Stair lift pricing are very much costly and people think twice before investing in a stair lift. If there is a disabled person at home who finds climbing stairs difficult then it becomes a must. People make a careful, considered decision before investing in a stairlift since this will be an investment for life. The stair lift pricing can be determined by various factors. It is important to verify the prices of stair lift of different brands.

Category or Type

One way to find out the stair lift pricing is through its type. There are many different types of stair lift available in the market. One of the most common and popular types is the straight stair lift. Straight stair lifts are mainly used in residential places. These lifts are some what low cost as compared with other curved stair lifts. They range from £1500-£3500 including the installation.

Another popular range of stair lifts in wide use is the curved stair lift. In case your staircase is curved in shape then this type of stair lift is used. As compared to the simple straight stair lifts these are more expensive ranging from £5000-£7500. Curved stair lifts are also difficult to install. This is because it has to fit in your staircase shape which requires craftsmanship, precision and skill on the part of the supplier. Due to all these installation and cost problems people usually opt for two different straight stair lifts instead of a stair lift for curved stairways.

Another type of lifts is the wheelchair platform lifts. Usually these lifts are used to support the wheelchair. People confined to wheelchairs appreciate these lifts. This type of lifts will be seen at public and commercial places. There are many different types of wheelchair lifts so one can choose the one which suits them the best. These types of lifts cost from £4000-£8000 including the installation.

Circumstances or Condition

You can also get pre-owned stair lifts. Mainly if your budget is not high you can go for the pre-owned stair case lifts. Pre-owned lifts range from £700-£2500 including the installation charges. But before you buy it some carefully things should be taken into account. Will the supplier do a complete reconditioning of the system? Can they certify it? Will he offer a guarantee on parts and service?

Company or manufacturer

Stair lifts pricing can also vary from company to company. Big brands will obviously cost higher than the ordinary one. But there are many firms which will reduce the price and provide the stair case lifts for you if an approach is made in the right way and at the right time.

The above stair lift pricing will suggest you which type of lift is suitable for you. You can also get free quotes online to be fully informed on the price of a stairlift


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