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Cheap Holiday in Africa – Best Destinations

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With continuing drop down of the US dollar, more and more desired destinations are the exotic and in the mean time, much cheaper countries like Africa. The best destinations you can visit in Africa are :

–          The Masai Mara in Kenya – If you always wanted to see in just one day the glorious parade of the big five of wild nature of Africa (The Lion, The Leopard, The Elephant, The African buffalo and the rhino) then Masai Mara is the place to be. During the time of the dry season from July to October animals of Masai Mara make the biggest nature spectacle on the black continent. Nowhere else, you can watch the year migration of over one million antelope making clouds after them. Masai Mara is more than an amazing place to be while you are in Africa.

–          Waterfall Victoria in Zimbabwe – If you want to “take a shower” under the mighty sound of the waterfall Victoria, this is the place to be. It is nearly the same as monstrous storm. Waterfall Victoria is places between Zambia and Zimbabwe in South Africa. It is wide over one mille and high 108 meters. During the time of the rainy season, over 500 million liters of water are poured in river Zambezi. This huge amount of water shoots outs from height 304 meters in the sky and it is seen from 30 miles distance. It brings a name to Victoria Mosi – oa –  Tunya – The thunderstorm cloud .

–          Pyramids in Giza, Egypt – The pyramids near Cairo are truly one of the biggest architecture achievements that mankind has witnessed.  Pyramids in Giza are one of the oldest tourist attractions of the planet – they are more than 5 thousand years old. There are three main pyramids: The great pyramid of Cheops, pyramid of Khepri and the pyramid of Menkaure. Each one of them is tomb of different pharaoh. In front of the pyramids lies the Sphinx or Abu – al – Hol. In Arabic, that means “The father of terror”.

–          Cape Town in South Africa – Cape Town is a mandatory stop in South Africa. Its beautiful nature makes it one of the most attractive cities on the planet: no other town has beautiful beaches and astonishing landscape like Table Mountain. Restaurants are from world class, and the wine is one of the best in the world. Cape Town can offer you cultural variety like no other town in the world.

–          Marrakech in Morocco – placed beneath the glorious mountains Atlas, the royal city Marrakech is big, loud, dirty and magnetic. Many things are worth seeing. If you decide to stop in Marrakech you must spend at least 3 days, stay in one of the palaces in Medina (The old city), because almost everything interesting is this part of the town. Botanic garden Majorelle is the perfect place, to take a break for a moment from the variety of colors noises and smells.

There are a lot of other great destinations you can visit in Africa like Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, River Omo, Mountains Virunga that makes Africa one of the cheapest and most desirable destinations (interesting to know is that in Danish the term is Billige rejser destinationer) you can choose for your holiday.


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