Friday, December 15

How to Make a Room Sound Proof

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In this modern world full of noise and clutter, silence and peace have become rare and precious.  People are seeking silence and peace like never before.  Now a days noise and clutter attack you even when you are in your room.  Sound proofing is an ideal solution.  Many people are using it effectively at their homes and offices.

Soundproofing a room after construction is a little challenging.  It is better to plan for it during construction.  There are many ways of soundproofing your room.  Here is a list:

  • Attach Styrofoam sheets to your walls from floor to ceiling.  They are very good insulators.

  • Decorate your room with rough surfaced furnishings.  Rough surfaces are found to absorb sound more effectively.  

  • Sound proof paints are available.  You may consider using them on your walls.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) between two layers of sheetrock held by silicone caulking is very effective against sound.

  • For the floor, use rubber flooring tiles or rolls .  They reduce sound resulting out of vibrations.

  • Use fiberglass insulation batts on the walls.  They prevent sound.

  • Carpet the floors.  They absorb sound waves.

  • Use soft furniture.  Soft surfaces absorb sound better than hard surfaces.

  • Hang carpets on the walls.

  • Use melamine floor tiles.  They reduce sound and are also heat and fire resistant.

  • Use thick drapes for your windows.  They reduce the noise effectively.  

  • Annoying sounds are also caused by the air passing through gaps in doors and windows.  These can be eliminated by plugging in these gaps.

  • Use acoustic sound panels on the walls and ceiling.  These are available in the market in various sizes.

  • Sprayed on cellulose is another relatively less expensive option.  It fills wall and ceiling cavities thereby reducing noise.

  • Many companies like Super Soundproofing Co offer noise control solutions.  You may visit their website

While soundproofing your room, it is very important to ensure that the safety of the building is not compromised.


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