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Software Development Tender in Growing Information Technology Unit in India

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Information technology is the sector that is constantly on growth in India. That is why numerous software development tenders continue to come up every now and then in the market. It is one of the best ways for prospective bidders to bid and win such bids to promote their business prospects.

Areas Where Software Development Tenders Work
Some of the sectors where majority of software development tenders are floated are as follows.

  • Higher education institutions imparting computer training and education.

  • Corporate offices that use computer technologies extensively.

  • Financial agencies like the banks where everything is computerized these days.

  • Government and other public sector undertakings those are steadily moving towards computerization and online transactions.

  • Business platforms where most of the transactions are carried out using the information technology like the stock exchange market.

Types of Software Development Tenders Floated
Any organization using computer technology for carrying out its operations will require constant monitoring of the computers for protection of their data and information. Such requirements would be even more pronounced in case of the organization using any networking including local area networking or LAN, wide area networking or WAN, and even organizations using the internet as their carrier of information. Threats that are faced by such organizations are –

  • Identity theft and data hacking;

  • Virus intrusion and damages to system used in the organization;

  • Upgrading the capabilities of the existing system;

  • Monitoring chances of untoward intrusion and eliminating it.

Introduction of New Software
Sometimes organizations in public and private sectors may require some new software altogether for running some systems. As the country is rapidly moving towards automation, requirements for fresh and new software are growing steadily as well. In such cases software development tenders are the means for achievement of the objective. Since bids are to be won by way of competition, it gives the opportunity for the procuring agency to get the best among the bidders basing on their analysis of their bids and background.

Requirements for the Bidders

  • Usually the procuring agency whether public or private will make check of the eligibility and proficiency of the bidder. Hence having a good past record and market reputation is essential for any bidder.

  • Such bidders for software development tenders should have a fairly competent team of software engineers and experts so that the procuring agency gets the confidence that the task entrusted is in safe hands.

  • Sometimes the software development tenders are highly technical in nature. For instance; network switching, blade chassis, internet access server; network storage improvement, file server, security server and several others.

Usually the software development tenders are floated for the purpose of maintaining data integrity and safety and protection of information. Prospective bidders should realize that they should have proficiency in computer technology so as to be able to accomplish the task. 


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