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Collagen For Bones?

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Collagen for bones? 


Thus, collagen organic part of bones and teeth. I think we often think of creams for the face, when we hear the word of collagen. But for bone collagen neglected topic. This protein, which is present in many parts of the body. In bone, it has a very important goal. 

We need to bone collagen, because no collagen, even though we may be able to digest the calcium in that it gets in our blood. Without collagen in bone tissue, there is nothing to keep calcium in bones, where blood passes through … 

Most of us know we need calcium to grow strong, healthy bones, but no collagen, when calcium is supplied in our bones our blood, it just travels straight through and deposited in case of need. Collagen acts as the glue to catch and calcium to keep it where it is needed in our bodies. 

But how can we get the collagen in our blood? It is produced by the body of vitamin C. Without vitamin C is collagen and without collagen is not healthy bone. Could this be the reason why you have osteopenia? 

Given the fact that your cat can produce 4000 mg. Vitamin C a day and people do not produce, we either have to eat many foods that contain vitamin C, or supplement our diet with Vitamin C powder or take it in tablets or capsules. 

It is not hard to understand that if the orange has only 60 mg. Vitamin C, I would have to eat 66 oranges a day just to have as much as my cat – if I was a cat. 

Of course, we get some from other raw fruits and vegetables as well, but this is ridiculous to think that we need only one serving of orange juice a day to get enough to ensure that it is necessary for bone health, or that we should not take more than 100 mg. as a supplement. For many years nutritionists recommended adoption of at least 3000 mg. per day. 

Remember, we need vitamin C to make collagen, and we need collagen to have healthy bones. One reason so many of osteopenia in our society is that we have is a lack of vitamin C. 

For bone collagen is an absolute must!



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