Green Home Business Ideas

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The severity of the environmental problems has prompted more and more people start a green business. Start your own green business to be part of this global environmental campaign. It doesn’t take huge capital or high technology — a green business can be operated at home. Here are some green home business ideas for your inspiration.

Online Business
Online business owners don’t have to bother about daily commute or corporate suit. They can employ whatever environmentally-friendly methods that they see fit in their business. Because of such flexibility, online home businesses such as freelancing are abundant around the globe.

Green Product/Service Providers
More and more companies are aware that being green and sustainable is the way to go in the coming years. They are interested in employing eco friendly products and services in their business to both save capital and build a more positive corporate image. Some examples of green solution providers are green business card printers and green marketing specialists.

Home Hydroponics
Hydroponics is to grow plants in nutrient-rich water in a soil-less medium. In hydroponics, you don’t need to weed or use pesticide as you do for plants in soil. The sterile medium of hydroponics can minimize the number of pests. What’s more, the popularity of hydroponics makes it easier for home business owners to buy hydroponic system and equipment.

Homemade Crafts
If you are interested in crafts such as paper-making or homemade bath products, try making homemade products to sell. The tools of homemade crafts are easily available. Business owners can learn the techniques and knowledge they need while the business is on the go. Best of all, you can start small; running a crafting business usually doesn’t take as much start-up fund as other kinds of businesses.

Start From What You Know
A green home business can stem from a simple idea or whatever little things you know. For book lovers, it may be book swapping. For cooks, it may be a blog teaching people how to cook greens or recook leftovers to make delicious dishes. For housewives, it may be teaching people how to decorate the living room in an eco friendly way. Keep learning as you grow your business. You will soon discover that you have a hoard of knowledge that people start coming to you for advice.

The abundance of green home business ideas makes starting one easy. When you put in time and hard work in your business, you will soon see it thrive.


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