Complete Tech Support on The Move!

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I was working late at home on a project since I had an early meeting with one of my clients in the morning. It was a three-hour drive from my place to the meeting venue so I called in the driver early the next day. I had to pick up my assistant, Samantha on the way, as she was also attending the meeting along with me. With everything set, I was done for the day and went off to bed hoping to get some shut-eye before the big day.

After I woke up in the morning, I found it tough to get out of bed as it seemed like I had slept only a while back. After struggling for a while, I managed to climb out of the bed and soon, I was already headed out. My driver was arriving in a few minutes, in the mean time I called up Samantha to tell her that we would be on our way soon to pick her up. The minute I sat in the car, I opened my laptop and started to check my mails. I noticed an unread message with a link that I had to click on to open the mail. The moment I clicked on it, my laptop screen was flooded with thousands of advertisements telling me to buy something or the other. I tried closing all of them, but they kept on coming back. I even tried restarting my laptop, but that too was of no help.

Soon, the car came to a halt and that’s when I realized we had reached Samantha’s place. I was in a state of confusion and my harrowed condition was not easy for Samantha to miss. She asked me what was wrong and almost immediately started to calm me down. I was quite taken aback with the sudden turn of events and had only one thought circling in my mind; what was to be of my project and with what face would I face my client! Samantha knew a thing or two about laptops; she took a look at my laptop and told me that it could be a spyware or a malware attack. She further reassured me by telling me that she could sort this out before we reached the venue. I gave her a quizzical look and asked her which computer repair shop would be open this early in the morning and also added that there was no time to waste and we could not afford a pit-stop anywhere. She smiled and told me to calm down yet again. She was not referring to any computer repair shop in the city but instead she was talking about a tech support company called iYogi which could assist me in fixing my laptop.

I was a little apprehensive but then again, since I was at my wit’s end, I decided to give it a shot. After getting my approval, Samantha took my mobile phone and quickly dialed iYogi’s number before I could change my mind. The call was answered almost instantly and she handed me the phone and asked me to speak to the person at the other end of the line. Soon, I was speaking to a lady and she asked me what problems I was facing with my system. It didn’t take me long to narrate the whole incident to her. She heard me out patiently and instructed me to run a few steps on my PC. She helped me perform these steps and before I even realized, my laptop was fixed and it was running as good as before. I disconnected the call after thanking her and honestly, I am quite impressed with the tech support provider. I was even more grateful to Samantha for bringing the company to my knowledge. It was tech support on the go, and I could not have wished for more to make my day!

Author’s Bio:  Frank Kern is 30 years and works for a reputed advertising agency. He is married and lives with his wife and two children. A complete workaholic, Frank is addicted to perform at his best, but gives time to his family as well. He likes to think and stay ahead of time. He loves traveling, reading, playing online games and capturing beautiful moments of his family with his camera.


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