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EFI PERFORMANCE – Dyno Tuning Brisbane.

Q. EFI PERFORMANCE has a lot of fast cars on the track. How do you achieve this?

A. What we found is it’s very, very easy to make power using dyno tuning.

Controlling that power to generate good times is 99% of the battle. In a lot of our drag cars we will use boost control over wheel speed. Also boost control over transbrake, so, on the example that we do which is a 1JZ that we tune, we actually limit boost to ten pound on the transbrake. Then once the transbrake is released, we control the boost from 10 pound to 24 pound, from zero kilometers an hour to 60 kilometers an hour. And this gives us our best sixty foot on radial tires that we can get.

We found that if we dial in a little too much boost then we wheel spin. If we pull too much boost out, we just simply don’t have the power to get the car going off the line.

Another thing we use is nitrous control. We use nitrous control to get the turbo on to boost so when the customers transbrake in full throttle, revs will come up when the 500 sees one pound of boost, it’ll actually give a quick spray of nitrous just to bring it on to boost. Leaving the transbrake on ten pound, trim the boost up to twenty-four pound at 60 kilometers an hour. And then at 80 kph we actually bring nitrous back in to try and propel the car as quickly as we can down the drag strip.

We also use similar sort of setups for launch control or I should say, two step for a manual car. So, we can have clutch in, full throttle at 0k an hour and setup a secondary rev limit that is suited for that car. So, when the driver drops the clutch, the car just launches directly without wheel spin and without bogging down.


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