Renting a Boat – What to Ask Before Chartering a Boat?

A few things to consider before renting a boat to ensure your boat rental or yacht charter day trip is real success – with no sunburn or unexpected surprises.

So,you are thinking it would be a nice treat to rent a motor boat for a day and set sail across the oceans? Well it is dreamy,and it can very easily be a great day out with friends and/or family.Before renting a boat be sure to shop around,it is only normal. Here are a few pre-boat rental tips to ensure your boat charter is a success.

Ask if the rental boats are insured? Seems obvious, but this little point can all too easily be taken for granted so be sure to ask before renting that boat.

Ask if fuel is included and if not,how much? In most boat rental instances the cost of fuel is separate from the boat rental and is paid following the rental.But be sure to get an estimate of the cost before renting as bigger boat motors will naturally eat more fuel and therefore cost you more money. So as tempting as it might be to rent a boat that looks more powerful,just remember to ask for an estimate of fuel costs associated with your boat rental.

Ask what year the boat rental is? Companies love to advertise‘just like new’instead of the year,so if you want a new boat,be sure to ask the construction year.However,don’t be put off just because a boat rental is a few years old.If the boat has been cared for it will be ‘just like new’!

Ask if there is a shower,sunshade,and fridge on board the boat rental?? Even if you are only renting a small boat for a one day boat rental,a lack of sunshade in hot weather can be a disaster if people get burnt or sun stroke.A small fridge or cooler box means you can have cold drinks on board and keep everyone well hydrated in the normal hot boat rental conditions.A side shower is not always necessary,but for those passengers who love to swim, but don’t enjoy the salty skin after,a small shower can be a real extra pleasure on a boat rental.

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