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How Online Export Import Data is Beneficial Over The Conventional Forms of Information Sources

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The relevance of genuine and authentic import export data cannot be neglected by foreign traders. Those dealing with cross-border goods transaction are well aware of the fact that relevant information is more important in the trade than the amount of investment. Whether you have invested small amount of money or you a major player of the international trade, if you don’t have an access to the required trade info, you might loose out on accurate planning and bear huge losses.

Initially, people used to access the exportimport data from the custom offices and ports. But the entire process was very cumbersome and the traders either had to employ people for providing the information from the sources or go by themselves. Later on, the middle-man and clearing agents barged into the field and started providing data to the traders. Even in this case, the traders had to depend entirely on the agents who were providing incomplete database. Also, it was difficult to co-ordinate with the middleman for the exact requirements.

With emerging demands and improving trends, you can now access the import data andexport dataof various countries through the online database companies like Infodrive India. The online data companies collect their data from the source of origin and then provide it to their customers for access. Also, the online database contains several other important fields like Address of the company; Email address; Telephone numbers; Names of the Contact Persons, etc., which is unavailable in the info retrieved from any other source.

The online import export records can be used as per the specific information. For example – the apparel importers can only access the apparel importers data or apparel exporter’s data as per their requirements and only pay for the number of records they have downloaded from the website. Whereas, data derived from any other source is not exact and at times also lacks accuracy. The online companies also provide critical trade analysis of specific products in specific countries. For example – the apparel importers data or apparel exporter’s data will only provide the apparel importers with the most basic information like name and contact details. But in order to access the trading patters of apparels and related products in the specific country, you need to access an intelligently prepared statistical analysis of the apparel importers data. Such a critical analysis is helpful for taking major trade decisions that affects the profit or loss percentages.

Following is a comparison point.

Online Database

  • Contains relevant information and other imp. Details

  • Data is accurate and authentic

  • Easy to access

  • Access to specific requirements

Data from Agents

  • Contains only relevant information

  • Accuracy is not guaranteed

  • Easy to access

  • Database is not specific to the requirement

Data from Customs Offices and Ports

  • Contains only relevant information

  • Data is authentic

  • Data is authentic

Database is not specific to the requirement


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