Monday, December 11

Treatment For Cholestasis

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The most rational treatment for cholestasis is improving the flow of bile into the intestine. In principle there are some basic things that guide the treatment, namely:
1. Made repairs of bile flow interruption
2. Treating complications that have occurred
3. Monitoring the likelihood of a fatal condition that can disrupt the process of liver regeneration
4. Prevent disturbance growth
5. Avoiding all the elements that can damage the liver
Blockage in the hearts treated with a variety of ways, depending on the cause,
a) If the cause is a drug, the drug is stopped
b) If the cause was hepatitis, cholestasis and jaundice will usually disappear with improvement of disease.
c) Blockage outside the liver can usually be treated with surgery or therapeutic endoscopy
d) Giving vitamin K done to improve the process of blood clotting.
e) Treatment of calcium and vitamin D are given in cholestasis settled, but not very effective for preventing bone disease.
f) If too much fat is thrown into the feces, was given additional medication triglycerides
g) Improved flow memberian empedudilakukan with phenobarbital and kolestiramin, and ursodioxy cholic acid (UDCA).
h) In providing diet, fat should be given in the form of MCT (medium chain triglycerides).
i) Therapeutic pruritus in cholestasis often give unsatisfactory results. Drugs binding bile acids responded about 80 percent of treatment cholestasis, but feared the drug would affect the absorption of other medications.
j) Rifampicin is given to the condition of pruritus due to cholestasis, contraindications of rifampicin would increase the serum bilirubin and hepatotoksis severe reaction.


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