Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of musculoskeletal disorders, psychological disorders and the consequences of the wrong mobilization. Lower back pain causes soreness, rheumatic pain, or discomfort in the lumbar region and sacrum.

Causes of low back pain include the following:
1. Congenital Abnormalities
Congenital abnormalities evidenced by x-ray images, to see the vertebrae lumbosakralis
2. Inflammatory Disease
Lower back pain due to inflammatory disease is divided into two, namely rheumatoid arthritis (acute illness characterized by all four limbs affected joints simultaneously) and ankylosing angkilopoetika (sore back and hips that are sore and stiff when cold)
3. Osteoporosis
4. Sirkulatorik Disorders
Sirkulatorik disorders that often happens is that the terminal aorta thrombosis
5. Tumor
6. Poisoned
7. Problem Psikoneurotik
8. Degenerative process
Degenerative changes in vertebrate lumbosakralis can occur in the corpus vertebrae, articular prosessus and ligaments that connect the parts of the vertebral column.
9. Infection

Signs and symptoms of lower back pain include the following:
1) Lower back pain due to a wrong attitude
Physical examination showed paraspinal muscles showed hiperfleksi and hyperextension.
2) Lower back pain in lumbar disc herniation
Lower back pain in lumbar disc herniation is back pain which the onset slowly, is dull or feels uncomfortable and often intermittent.
3) Lower back pain in spondilosis
4) Lower back pain in spondylitis tuberculosis


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