Tuesday, December 12

Matchless Tech Support in a Jiffy!

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It was snowing heavily in New York. The University was closed for the next two days because of the heavy snowfall. The whole city had come to a standstill and almost everything was shut. Students were elated with the unplanned holidays and so were my fellow Professors. I was only glad myself with the spare time I had on me to work on a Paper presentation for a business Summit at our University in a few days time.

I was busy searching for information from the Internet and downloading it on to my laptop. I had just started to download an e-book as a part of my research when my wife called out from downstairs for lunch. Since it was a large sized file, I left it to download hoping it would be complete by the time I came back.

My wife had prepared a delicious lunch that afternoon. We spoke on numerous things while digging into the fresh chocolate cake that my wife had baked last night for dessert. I helped her out with the dishes and went upstairs with another big chunk of cake in a plate. When I entered my room and saw my laptop screen,I was taken aback. There was a runtime error flashing on my screen and the download had stopped. I had no idea what could have gone wrong or what could be done to rectify it, so I closed the window. I opened another window again and started the download. To my horror it froze after a while and the error popped up again. I was confused thinking what had gone wrong with my laptop. Just then my elder son, Jacob, called up to tell me that he would be coming in next week. He felt the usual enthusiasm missing in my voice and asked me if everything was fine. I told him the problem I was experiencing with my laptop. He immediately asked me to call up iYogi, adding that it was a tech support company and would help me in resolving and fixing the glitch with my laptop.

My son told me that he had benefited largely in the past from their services and found them reliable whenever he faced any problem with his laptop or computer. He had said enough and I was pretty convinced by the end of the call that I had to call up iYogi immediately. After disconnecting his call, and without any further delay, I dialed in the number my son had given me on my phone. The call was connected in seconds and soon I was speaking to a technician who asked for my name and contact details. After he noted them down, he inquired about the problem that I was having with my laptop. I told him there was a runtime error on my laptop. He asked me to read out the entire error message and when I did, he asked for the permission to access my laptop remotely and I allowed him to do so. He not only fixed my laptop without wasting much time but also told me the exact reason behind the error and why it occurred on my laptop. Soon he was removing unnecessary files, programs, software from my laptop to make it work smoothly. In no time my laptop was working even more efficiently than before. I thanked him before disconnecting the call and was quite impressed with the way he helped me out. I felt good and got back to work on my laptop with a broad smile on my face.


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