Dangerous Disease in The Breast

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Cancer is a condition in which cells lose normal control mechanisms, so that experienced abnormal growth, rapid and uncontrolled. Breast cancer is a disease caused by malignant cells in breast tissue, originated from cells in normal breast. Female breast consists of glands that works to make breast milk (called lobules), ducts that carry milk from small lobules to the nipple (called ducts), fat, ikata tissue, blood vessels and lymph nodes.

Risk factors for breast cancer include:
1. Ever had breast cancer.
2. Age.
3. About 60 percent of breast cancers occur in over 60 years of age. The greatest risk found in women aged over 75 years.
4. First menstruation before age 12, menopause after age 55 years, first pregnancy after age 30 years or had never been pregnant.
5. Chemicals.
6. Some studies have mentioned the exposure of chemicals that resemble estrogen (which is contained in pesticides and other industrial products) can increase the risk of breast cancer.
7. DES (diethylstilbestrol).
8. Women who took diethylstilbestrol to prevent miscarriage have a higher risk of breast cancer.
9. Family history of breast cancer.
10. Ever suffered from non-cancerous breast disease.
11. The use of estrogen replacement therapy.
12. Obesity after menopause.
13. The use of alcohol.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer include:
1. The lump usually feels different from surrounding breast tissue, have an irregular edge.
2. Lumps can be moved easily under the skin, or attached to the chest wall and surrounding skin.
3. Changes in breast size and shape
4. An abnormal discharge from the nipple
5. Skin discoloration on breast
6. Reddish breast
7. Nipples are interested
8. Pain in the breast area


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