Future of Graphic Designer

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Graphic designing is the creative field where you communicate the target audience with graphics, images, typography, motion graphics etc. Target audience is, the one for whom you are creating the graphics. Earlier graphic designing was restricted to print media only. Now the scenario is totally changed, so that the future of graphic designer is bright.

Graphic designing is used in various media such as, print media, animation, engineering industry etc. Graphic designer salary has become 5 digits now-a-days.

The Role of Graphic Designer:

  • Graphic designing is closely related with advertising. If you want to market any product, it should carry some identity. So the logo designing, caption writing and typography plays a key role to establish the product or brand from advertising point of view. In this case the graphic designing touches many advertising media such as print media, TV media and e-media

  • Now as we have come across the terminology, e-media, graphic designing is contributing a lot. Graphic designing has become the inherent part of animation, simulations and training programs. The instructional designing, e-learning are the fields that expect good graphic designing skills to replicate the models or products for which the training sessions are getting designed. Salary for a computer engineer also varies

  • In case of engineering industry, especially in automation, graphic designing plays an important role of ‘Front End Development’ or ‘Mimic Development’.  The operator who operates the discrete control systems, sitting at one place finds it very easy to understand what is going on? Whether something is going wrong? The effective and self narrating graphics linked with technology has made it easy to operate and monitor such huge and demanding systems.

After going through the information written above you will definitely agree that the dimensions of graphic designing are changed up to a great extent and it is becoming an inseparable part of advertising, automation, animation industries.


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