Sunday, December 17

Hoe To Get Your Tweets Retweeted

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* Be sure to write your tweets in a simple format so they are interesting and easy for the reader to re-tweet. To do this make sure the post is no more than 120 characters. Make sure the title is a descriptive one. Do not over-use hash-tags and @replies. This way readers will not have to edit your post.

* Make sure your followers are active users. Active users are more likely to read your tweets and re-tweet them.

* There are actually better times than others to do your tweeting. The best hours are those during the day when there is a lot of discussion and activities taking place onTwitter. Readers are more likely to read your tweets and re-tweet them. These golden hours are 9 a.m., 11 p.m., 1p.m. and 6 p.m.

 * Always be sure you re-tweet others peoples tweets. When you take the time to read and re-tweet it is more likely the favor will be returned.

 * Be sure to incorporate relevant links. By using short URL’s you can include relevant links and not exceed the 120 characters.

* Include brackets in your titles. This puts emphasize on your keywords as well as makes your tweets exceptional and easy for the reader to re-tweet.

* Include the re-tweet button in all blog posts. This is quite easy to do and will pay off as a noticeable addition to your subsequent post’s.

* Use a tone of authority and an active voice in your posts. Readers are most likely to read and re-tweet when they have a sense you are confident in your posts.

* Show your appreciation to those who re-tweet your posts. By doing so, it keeps you in the readers mind and offers a better chance of your subsequent posts being re-tweeted.


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