How to Know That a Person is Diabetic

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How to know that a person is diabetic

Diabetic mellitus is known in the history of medicines long back. According to Hindu system of medicines the Auyrveda. The morbid secretion of urine in general is called prameha, profuse urination. Twenty varieties, according to nature of nature, have been described in the Hindu texts under the subject Prameha Depending upon which of the three body humors is deranged four varieties are stated to have been caused by the derangement of vata (wind) six due to pitta (bile), and ten due to kapha (phlegm) One of the four varieties caused by the derangement of vata is called Madhumeha (honey urine). This condition as well as kshaudrameha (honey urine), as discussed by the ancient Hindu physician consisted of an entity known to us today as diabetes mellitus. The Hindu physician knew of the fact that the urine of diabetic patient tasted sweet and they recorded their observation that if too many ants swarm around a spot of urine; one can conclude that the person is diabetic. All the ancient medical texts state that prameha of any variety, if neglected, will finally lead to mudhumeha and in due course will become incurable. As a result of excess of sugar, the diabetics will develop multiple abscesses in the body.Shusharata classified diabetes into two groups one is inherited that is defect in the parents seed  and the other is acquired due to injudicious feeding and irregular way of living.  In the former condition the individual looks thin and dehydrated, suffers from loss of appetite, increased thirst and polyuria. While in the latter condition the patient is usually of a stout built, a glutton and feels drowsy all the time. He goes on to say that a person who consumes concentrated sweets in his diets will show the presence of sweetness in his urine.

Another physician Charaka also mentions two types of diabetes one emaciated and weak and the other stout and strong. If a person passes urine which is exceedingly sweet and resembling the juice of cane sugar, Charaka diagnosed him as ikhshumeha(glycosuria)  

                            As per the recent researches diabetes is not a single disease but a syndrome   


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