Ruby on Rails First Encounter

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Ruby has been very popular since it’s a new programming language that only few programmers/developers knew how to code such one. Because of that, many are more interested to try such one. Some say that Ruby is much more easy compared to java, python, and other known programming languages. How is that? When I first tried to use Ruby, I feel like my brains gonna break. Perhaps, the fact that I am not really expert in programming makes sense. However, if you are an all-time programmer you might say it’s easy. Why did I say that? It’s because when you create a new project in Ruby, it automatically create the files that you’re needing for the whole project. All you have to do is to contain information in that files. Hence, less hassle since you won’t have a hard time thinking on how to connect all your files just to make the whole project works.

Actually what I have been practicing all this time is Ruby on rails. When we say Ruby on rails, it means the language is ruby being implemented in a web framework. I have been bound to use such one since it has been our proposed language in our thesis. I thought I will never ever appreciate the environment of Ruby. But if you’ll pursue yourself to study it and perform many trial and error, I assure you that you’ll acknowledge its’ existence.

Unfortunately, only few use such language that is why I am encouraging the readers particularly to developers to apply this language and dispense many tutorials for ruby on rails especially video tutorials. I can hardly see video tutorials over the net.

Spread RUBY on RAILS….J


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