Working From Home- The Pros And Cons

Working from home definitely has its benefits. Some companies actually allow you to set your own schedule. You save money on gas, plus wear and tear on your car. There is no need to spend extra money buying your lunch, or time making one. There is no workplace attire to purchase. Your appearance is not an issue. It does not matter how your hair looks, and you can wear sweats and bunny slippers to work. No need for regular manicures. If you have small children, you get the chance to stay home with them, which saves on daycare costs. There are no annoying or boisterous co-workers, no boss looking over your shoulder. You can select where you would like to work in your home. You can even work in bed if you like, as long as there is a telephone nearby. I do not mean a cell, either.

I have listed some of the pros about working from home. Now, it is time for a few of the cons. Most work at home companies do not permit the use of cell phones. You have to have a landline, which will cost you extra money. Forget about attempting to get some savings with a Magic Jack device, because these too are prohibited. You will also need a headset. You might have to upgrade your computer. Expect an increase in your electricity bill, due to having your computer on for such prolonged periods of time. Some companies require a drug test and/or background check. Do not plan on being automatically reimbursed. There will often be paperwork to fill out, and either mail or fax back. Some might need notarizing. In short, there is expense before you even get started.

The biggest misconception about working from home is it is “easy.” Here is the truth- it is work. Your full and undivided attention is demanded. You cannot play around on Facebook, or chat with family and friends. You must be on top of your game, as with any job. You cannot arrive late, take breaks when you feel like it, and leave early. Behavior such as this will get you fired. Your actions are documented. There are certain metrics you have to meet, as well. For example, your handle time cannot be too long. This is the duration you are on the line with a caller. Each company tends to have their own set of metrics, which will be explained to you at the beginning. When call volume is high, you have to sit in one position for lengthy periods of time, taking call after call, with no immediate break in sight. Then there are the callers. Some are nice, others are indifferent, while there are those rude ones. You will interact with all three regularly. You cannot hang up or use profanity when things get difficult. You have to remain professional. Just be calm and relax as best you can. Work through it.

Here are a few tips to seriously consider. First thing is to treat your work at home position what it really is- a job. Give it the same respect as a job you would commute to daily. Reach an understanding with the people in your life, so they will know what to expect firsthand. Stress to them you are working. Let them know you will be isolated from them. This way, they will not feel insulted when you are unavailble to them, and their wants/needs. Keep some water nearby, and have a positive, dedicated attitude. Keep in mind your co-workers are in not person. They are via your computer, most likely in a chatroom. Your interaction with them might be limited, possibly even nonexistant.

Before deciding to work from home, know what you can and cannot handle. Know what to expect. If it would be too difficult or challenging, I would advise you to stay away from it. However, if none of the cons would be a bother to you, I say you should go for it. Good luck!

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