Friday, December 15

Three Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Depend On Advertising Agencies To Write Your Advertisements

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This piece of writing is put together especially for small business owners. For everybody who is in business and are considering undertaking any sort of print advertisements whatsoever. Don’t do anything at all until you have read this brief article completely from beginning to end. It might literally save you a lot of money in unneeded advertising fees. In this brief article I’ll be describing the reasons why the big advertising agencies are doing you an injustice by not supplying you with as good a service as they should be. You’ll discover that once you read this material it is going to completely seem sensible to you and you will think about the reason why you trusted your hard-earned dollars with these companies to begin with.

To start with, you need to understand that advertising companies are exactly like every other business, their main aim is to make a profit. In marketing terms this means selling ad space. You shouldn’t be shocked if your ad representative advises you opt for a larger advertisement with more color and in a more prominent position. The majority of business owners get into the trap of thinking they’re doing it with your best interests in mind, however in fact they simply want to get a better commission payment. Do not get into this trap. Those that do employ one of these firms be sure you have a very specific notion of what you need before you decide to telephone or email them and do not let them try and upsell you. Believe me, they’re extremely good at doing this, so be careful!

The next reason makes even more sense when compared to the first. Just consider it for a second, just how can the marketing company determine whether or not the ad that they placed for you is helpful or not? When considering return on investment, an advertisement is only truly as effective as the final results it brings, namely the number of new enquiries, telephone calls and / or walk-ins for your small business. So , just how can any advertising company check this response? Quick answer, they can’t. There is absolutely no way that any ad company can tell if the adverts they make are actually working. Sure, they may be working with industry guidelines, unfortunately things will most likely never get better if they can’t adjust the ads against what works and what doesn’t deliver the results. The only real method of doing this is by testing continuously until you get the most effective outcome.

Now, the last reason why you should not rely on marketing agencies is because most of the time they believe that you are an idiot. Allow me to clarify. Let’s say you run an advertisement and it does not generate any cleints at all. The most common reply you’ll hear is something like this “you have just got to keep running the ad and things will pick up shortly”. Some might also say that people need more time to get accustomed to your company logos or to let the meaning to get across. These companies can be extremely convincing if they want to be, yet seriously if you consider it, it doesn’t make sense at all. If an ad delivers a poor result once, you’d need to be an absolute fool to do the same advert again. Yet, that’s what they are going to tell you because they still want to have your hard earned cash, but they’ll try and get out of making your business a new advert if they can because it usually means extra work for them and they have already gotten their commission from your sale, therefore there’s no point.

Your best option is usually to write the advertisement yourself or get an in house designer or contractor to design it on your behalf. Monitor, evaluate and re-write as frequently as you have to until you get it right.

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